Steve Smilie

Steve Smilie

$40 / half hour


Steve has been a guitarist performing professionally from the early 70’s. Steve’s origins were in
Country music, and over time has branched out to cover many styles including: Blues, Rock, Funk,
Reggae and Jazz. Steve’s speciality is Finger Style Acoustic Guitar. (Playing melodies, chords and bass lines simultaneously).

In 1978 and 1979 Steve was named Best Instrumentalist at Tamworth’s Country Music Festival.
Steve has played in many bands over the years and has supported many well known acts such as Ian Moss (Cold Chisel), Daryl Braithwait (Sherbet), Tim Freedman (The Whitlams), Rick Price and Renee Geyer. Steve currently plays in the well know duo “Open Fire” with Danelle Kelleher on vocals.

Steve has recorded three solo Instrumental albums of original music: “Speechless”, “After Glow” and “Happy to be Alive”. And in 2015 released an Instrumental Album “Deeper Shade of Blue” with his wife Kath Morrison on Trumpet.

A couple of small highlights were in 2016 where Steve performed in the Concert Hall of the Sydney
Opera House and in 2017 played at the Mainly Jazz Festival with Kath Morrison.
Steve is a very experienced guitar teacher, he has been teaching since 1980 and has been teaching at the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music since 2002. One to One lessons and group lessons in
schools and runs the Guitar Ensemble at the Conservatorium.
Steve has the ability to connect with the students and makes learning fun while learning many
different techniques and skills and to fully understand how music works.